What’s the best thing about playing as part of a futsal team?

Is it the camaraderie and the sense of fighting for a single cause?  Is it the working together to overcome your opposition and being better than the sum of your parts?  Or is it just the banter, the fun and the togetherness?

Nope, it’s none of those.

The best part of playing for a futsal team – choosing the team name.

Never underestimate the importance of finding the perfect name.  Not only does it represent everything about who you are as a group, it is the best way to intimidate your opposition before they even set foot on the pitch.

Just how fierce are these ‘Borussia Teeth’ guys?

Are they really going to ‘Smack My Pitch Up’?

But how do you pick the perfect name for your team?  Well, below I’ve laid out some ideas to inspire you and to get you thinking creatively.

However, if by the end you’re still stuck, I have a little something to give you that might help.


Choose Something That You Can Identify With

First things first, you need to include all of your team mates in the creative process. The last thing you want is to spend hours coming up with something really clever and humorous but to then have your team mates refuse to adopt it as it’s too lewd or ridiculous for them to play under.

Now, consider the message that you’d like to send –

  • Are you an elite team that expects to walk the league, beating everyone in your path? Be a bit cocky with your name.
  • Do you want to intimidate the opposition and scare them out of their wits? Then choose something a bit more ferocious.
  • Or, do you recognise your team’s obvious failings and think that a more self-deprecating name would be more appropriate?

Brainstorm a few ideas and write down some words or phrases that describe your group.

How you want your team to be perceived by the opposition is going to be the key factor determining your team name, so think carefully about how you would like to come across.

Get Your Thinking Cap On

Right, now it’s time to get creative.

You need to come up with something simple and easy to remember, that will stand out from the crowd.

To get your creative juices flowing, check out the following suggestions for some inspiration.

Make It Personal

What is the one thing you and your team mates have in common? What is unique about your team? Do you all come from the same area of town, city or country? Do you all support the same team? Do you all have webbed feet?

Bolton Squanderers, Fatzio, Inter The-Pub are great examples of names based on where you’re all from, which team you support, or your favourite pastime.

Blame It On The Boogie

How about basing your name on a song, album or your favourite band? There’s some really great lyrics and song titles out there that are crying out to be adapted for your team name.

For example, Twisted Blister, 5-Nation Army and The White Strips would all make unique and memorable names.

So I Married a Futsal Player

What about a movie as inspiration? Try something popular so that others will get the reference – some obscure artcore film probably won’t have the desired impact.

Things like the Dumb and the Dumbers, The Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers, Risky Business and City Kickers are all great examples.

Business Time

Do you all work in the same place? Why not base your team name on your place of work or your industry.

Try these out for size – Quality (Lack of) Control, Manage a Trois, Number Crunchers

Slang or Double-Entendres

You could always incorporate a particularly clever cultural reference or slang into your name. A really good place for inspiration on this is the Urban Dictionary.

For example – Richard Keyes’ Banter, The Cyberloafers, The Three Percenters

OK, so I bet you have loads of ideas written down now, don’t you?


A Helping Hand

If, after all of these fantastic suggestions, you are still stuck for inspiration, then let me help you out.

I’ve written a list of 50 team names that, in all honesty, are fantastic!  They’re smart, clever and sometimes just downright offensive.

Enter your name and email address below, and in addition to receiving my free Performance Workout Guide (and a few other free goodies) I’ll send you my top 50 list of futsal team names. You can use these for inspiration, adapt them slightly or if you lack any kind of creative spark whatsover, just steal one of them for your team.

Football is all about the team. If you’re not playing for each other, under a common banner and identity, then you’re as good as beaten.

I highlighted the importance of team work in my last post, and part of engendering a strong team bond is adding a bit of humour and fun into your games.

The best way to do this – pick a team name that reflects what you and your team mates are all about, something you can be proud of wearing on your shirts and won’t cringe every time you hear it announced.

Just remember to have fun!


What’s your current team name?

Do you have any suggestions that others can use?

Let us know via the comments section below.