Best Futsal Shoes for Men & Women You Can Buy in 2020

Your Search For Best Futsal Shoes Ends Here!  It is very difficult to find the right pair of indoor sports shoes these days. The biggest challenge in shopping for sportswear is trying to look beyond the athlete’s endorsement and really focus on the features of the product. Most of the time people are mesmerized by the big photo on the billboard of a famous sports person saying: “buy this so that you will be like me.” What a cliché! So before you spend the money, make sure that you are getting the best futsal shoes for your needs.

Wearing your favorite player’s pair of cleats won’t change the way you play the sport. Everyone knows that, but a lot of people still refuse to believe that. I am a value driven consumer and I always want to get the best value for my hard earned money. Truth be told, the person on the billboard will not pay for my pair. I need to know what is out there and understand the right set of information to help me make the right decision.

It is a matter of making the right choice

Choosing your indoor soccer shoes can sometimes be very frustrating and time consuming. What works for one person may not be the case for the other. We all have specific needs. At the end of the day, it is all about making the right choice in order to satisfy that need. Your search for the right pair need not be full of complexities, so let’s simplify it and take a pragmatic approach.

As the old adage goes:

Never tell a person what to do unless you’ve played fifty miles in his shoes

Ask around for the Best Futsal Shoes for Men & Women

The best thing you can do is to talk to someone who has spent an enormous amount of time researching the market and testing out the best pair of futsal shoes available today.

It is important to compare product features first in order to understand what the product can do for you. Your choice will always be dependent on how the trainers can satisfy your needs.

  • Are you going for style or for athletic performance?
  • Do you want something that is a snug fit or with a little space for comfort?
  • Do you want better handle or traction?

As a rule of thumb though, you can’t win them all. Nothing out there is 100% perfect and there will always be a negative side to every story. The key point to look at in making the right choice is to ensure that the good outweighs the bad. In the end, as long as it fulfills your basic requirements, that should be more than enough. Anything on top, is a bonus.

Best Futsal Shoes Comparison

With so many products around, it is really difficult to decide upon the best product, so we have created a great resource to help you in choosing the best futsal shoes. Otherwise, you can quickly compare the top products, right below.

After a long and arduous search, I have consolidated my choices to seven distinct models.

Top Indoor Soccer Shoes

Futsal Shoes are very popular online as the prices are generally cheaper than in your local shopping mall. So with the extra savings you can really get a great pair of shoes which will both compliment your playing style and look great.

Adidas Freefootball TopSala Review

freefootball topsalaThe Freefootball TopSala from Adidas have beendesigned to provide enhanced ball feel and allow players to enjoy better control and comfort. These boots are considered the lightest from the Freefotball series that was launched in 2013. They only weigh 235 g. TopSala is one of the first releases by Adidas from this series and it targets sportsmen who are looking for lightweight and comfortable shoes for indoor use.


freefootball top salaThey come with an attractive and innovative super-soft upper made of synthetic leather material. This is a mesh HYBRIDTOUCH material that is included to offer better performance.

It is also light in weight and the mesh enhances flexibility and breathability. The synthetic leather offers the advantages of both leather and synthetic.

It features a rubber sole that makes it easy to move on indoor fields without slipping. The rubber is also ideal for the indoor grounds that may be made of soft material and can be damaged by shoes that come with spiky soles. Its toe area is reinforced to ensure better and safer toe-kicking performance and a breathable tongue that has a mesh insert.


This TopSala shoes score well when it comes to performance. The use of a combination of leather and synthetic upper is a significant advantage in terms of passing. There is a mesh on the shoes’midfoot and this helps to improve passing accuracy compared to other ones that feature standard upper material. Textured material is used on the side of the midfoot and this helps to boost passing accuracy.

They are specifically designed to offer optimum control because of the materials used. The use of leather on the shoe allows players to easily control the ball and bring it down. The heel and midfoot parts of the shoe have some mesh material that works effectively to make the shoes lightweight and this allows for better ball control.

There is a thin mesh that is placed on the upper and midfoot and this allows for cleaner strikes when shooting the ball. The TopSala also come with some leather material on their forefoot and this allows better control especially when a player is volleying. The fact that these boots are lightweight also allows for better speeds on the soccer field. Heavy shoes can make it difficult for players to move on the field but this is not a concern with the TopSala. The rubber sole is non-marking and it offers great traction.


futsal shoe topsalaThe inclusion of an extremely soft upper makes this shoe one of the most comfortable. The upper has both leather and synthetic properties and this helps to give a better fit. The sole is wider compared to other soccer cleat and this makes it ideal for players who have wide feet. They are designed to fit different shapes and types of feet. The design is quite versatile and it can accommodate any player. The outsole has an innovative soleplate that makes these shoes very comfortable and ideal for hard indoor fields. The tongue has an insert made of mesh to ensure your feet stay dry and cool when you are on the field.

They come with a high-heel plastic that offers better protection for your Achilles tendon. They have a pre-molded EVA midsole that provides lightweight shock absorption and cushioning. The cleats also feature ADIPRENE® under each heal to offer additional cushioning during impact.


The TopSala design includes a well-reinforced toe area to prevent it from tearing away from its outsole. Adidas has used the best stitching and structure to ensure that these last for many years. The inclusion of a rubber sole also makes them less likely to wear out fast.

If you are looking for lightweight soccer shoes for indoor use, the Freefootball TopSala from Adidas is an ideal choice. They are made of durable material that also helps to boost control and passing accuracy. These are comfortable shoes that offer shock absorption to reduce injury risk. The use of mesh in the design also makes it breathable, allowing your feet to remain cool. The rubber outsole makes the shoes appropriate for both hard and soft indoor surfaces and allows players to enjoy better grip.

Adidas Mundial Goal Review

Adidas mundial goalThe Mundial Goal from Adidas has not received as much attention as other indoor shoes such as the Copa Mundial. This may be because it is largely a modification of the Copa Mundial. This shoe offers an impressive touch. It is from the Mundial line, which is considered a classic. The Mundial line is renowned for its comfort and quality workmanship and this are some of the attributes that you get.


When it comes to design, there is a debate about whether these cleats is classy or dull. It comes with a fold-over tongue that you do not really get to see in most modern boots.

They are only available in a single colorway that features black with some white stripes. It has that classic Adidas look that the brand has been known for many years. The leather looks great but you need to use the right kind of polish to keep it that way.

mundial goalThe Adidas logo does not really stand out. The logo is not overwhelming. This is a shift from most designs that tend to take advantage of every available space to include a logo. The logo is only found on three parts. This makes them seem more classy compared with the other models in the market. The design is suitable for players who want something classy in black. If you are looking for flashy shoes, this may not be the best choice for you.


One of the best aspects about them is that it can be used for any indoor game. It offers great performance for various indoor games. This is because the Mundial Goal is made of thick kangaroo leather. It will work well for different play styles and indoor games.

They offer fantastic touch on the ball, which is helped by the cushioned leather. It is a little bulky but this does not affect the touch as it is easy to control the ball off the ground. The adidas stripes add nice grip when passing with the inside or outside of the boot and with the extra weight, you can get plenty of power behind a shot.

The traction is acceptable but the inclusion of gum rubber makes it feel a little hard. Softer gum rubber offers better stability. The traction may not always work on some surfaces.


They are designed to form to your foot and this makes it comfortable. It has a suede exterior that is stitched and this can make it difficult for the shoe to stretch.

The shoes are a great choice for players with wide feet. You may find your normal size a little bi g when you purchase this shoe and for this reason, you may want to order half a size smaller. There is some padding on the heel to make the shoe more comfortable but it tends to bunch up especially when you are putting the shoe on.

mundial futsal shoesAnother comfort drawback is the fact that the insole has been glued in. The insole is not very uncomfortable but if you need additional cushioning, it would be impossible to use an insert in this shoe. The Mundial Goal tends to feel a little heavy. This can make it difficult to run around without getting tired.


The cleat scores well especially because of the use of real Kangaroo leather on the upper. Glue bonding has been used on the shoe and this prevents it from coming apart even with prolonged use.

It is advisable to use this cleats on indoor surfaces only. This is because using it on hard surfaces and exposing it to the elements may damage the leather and make the shoe come apart. Another advantage is that it comes with a one-year warranty.

This is a simple indoor shoe that comes with Kangaroo leather upper, which is not something you get with most reasonably priced model. It is reasonably priced and durable. The shoes are suitable for players who want something affordable for indoor games. It offers great performance and is comfortable.

Adidas Samba Classic Review

The Samba Classic from Adidas is considered a legend when it comes to soccer footwear. This Samba training shoe is worn across the globe. The shoe has been around for many years but it is yet to go out of style. One of the most notable aspects about this shoe is its simple design. This has made it a popular option among soccer players who prefer the classic Adidas look. Unlike most of the indoor soccer shoes you find in the market today, this Adidas shoe has a larger tongue that does not fold. It is also designed to offer superior traction and grip on various street and indoor surfaces.


samba futsal shoesIt features a leather and suede upper. The leather is full-grain and very soft. It features a leather and suede upper. Its outsole is made of gum rubber and is low-profile to ensure players have better control on the field. This is a lace-up closure shoe, making it easy to for players to tighten the laces for a better fit. The Samba Classic has a padded collar that is included to provide additional comfort for players.

It also comes with lining that is made of brushed nylon and has a synthetic tongue that is non-folding. There is a foam insole in this shoe but it is non-removable. This helps to cushion the footbed. Its outsole is non-marking and this makes it ideal for playing on polished surfaces. It is available in white with some black markings or black with some white marking.


adidas samba futsalThe cleats were specifically designed for indoor soccer. The soft rubber outsole offers great traction on indoor surfaces. The cushioned lining also makes it very comfortable, allowing players to move with ease. The soft full-grain leather on the upper offers improved ball control. The Samba Classics makes it easy to juggle the ball.

The non-folding tongue on this shoe improves passing and allows for better shots. The padded collar ensures that a player is comfortable enough to move around an indoor court. The sock liner and foam insert absorb impact when a player is running to allow for better play. Its outsole is quite flexible and this helps to improve ball control. It is a low-profile outsole and this allows players to move fast and handle the ball more easily.


The Samba Classic comes with a foam insert that makes sure a player’s feet are protected as they run on an indoor soccer surface. The use of leather on the entire shoe also makes it very comfortable. The full-grain leather on the upper and the inclusion of a suede overlay offers additional comfort and gives players a soft feel.

It is a lace-up closure and this allows players to adjust the laces to either make the shoe tight or loose depending on their preferences. It is also easier to get the shoe on and off. The fabric lining also provides additional comfort. The collar is padded and this offers adequate arch support. This will prevent the shoe from applying excess pressure on a player’s feet even when the laces are tightened.

The toe area has been reinforced with strength to ensure players are protected when passing and striking the ball. The rubber sole on this shoe also offers increased flexibility for players.


indoor soccer sambaThis shoe is made of quality leather and this makes it highly durable. The full-grain leather will remain in great condition for many years if the shoe is well taken care of. The rubber outsole is specifically designed for indoor surfaces and it does not wear out quickly. To keep this shoe in good condition, it is advisable to use it on appropriate surfaces. The cleats are the type of shoe that you can wear daily.

If you are looking for an indoor soccer shoe that has stood the test of time, this is the best option. Its simple design, exceptional comfort, and amazing traction and grip make it stand out from the rest. Its midsole cushioning is lightweight and this allows for easy movement. It is designed for use on indoor soccer surfaces but it can also make a great workout shoe for those who need additional arch support and a comfortable training shoe.

Adidas Freefootball Speedtrick Review

speedtrick futsalWith the Adidas FreeFootball Speedtrick it’s not too farfetched to think that Adidas just told an abstract artist to let his imagination fly and then put on paper whatever came to his mind. While these shoes look quite abstract, it seems they are very well thought out, since they can help a lot with controlling the ball. The choice of colors,ranging from lime yellow with red and black to lime green and neon blue is spot on, since it goes along with the sporty feel so few companies these days know how to correctly implement in their shoes.


The most impressive thing about these shoes is how they can naturally mold to your feet, but also their flexibility which allows you to take your game to a whole new level. For instance, you may initially think the sole looks quite ugly, but its uncommon design adds a lot to the shoe’s ability to grip on various types of surfaces since it provides a larger traction area. You’ll also love the toe groove which in my opinion, adds a bit of extra bend that makes them perfect if you want to see how great of a football player you really are.


speedtrick indoor soccer shoeThese shoes stick true to size and if you have a large foot, then good news for you, since these have a lot of space for your toes to fit comfortably. However, don’t get me wrong here: you could have a blast with them in any indoor court and be impressed with how it feels to have them on. Most of the times though you’re going to realize that they’re more of a great choice for those who love to play whenever someone throws a ball in front of them, even if that’s on hard asphalt or turf.


The Adidas FreeFootball Speedtrick are a very flexible pair of shoes and because of that, you can use them on just about any surface, so you don’t have to worry about them being specifically made for indoor use. Thanks to the Touch Compound upper and the versatile sole, these are great for those who love performing great tricks at high speeds. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re probably right: these are made for very skilled players and because of that are going to fare very well no matter how aggressively they’re used.

Nike LunarGato II Review

lunar gato futsalThe Lunar Gato II soccer shoes have been specifically designed with comfort in mind and because they combine Hyperfuse and very soft goat leather, but also Lunarlon foam cushioning, they are by far some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. These bad boys come in a two tone color option, including black and green, blue and white or white and lime which really draws attention to your feet. In terms of shape, they look quite a lot like the classic football shoes that were people a few years ago. It seems that Nike is on to something with this pair, since it looks really great and it also sells like hot cakes.


Thanks to the all new traction pattern of the Nike Lunar Gato II, they feel very comfortable when you put them on and allow you to perform a wide range of moves easily and with great precision. The sole is also made from a fairly soft type of rubber that comes with different patterns throughout. Breaking-in these shoes shouldn’t be a problem, since they’re very soft which means your feet are easily going to get used to them.


lunar gato indoor soccer shoesThe shoes are made with goat leather which is something you don’t see too often coming from Nike. For instance, the goat leather upper is really thick and it provides you with plenty of cushioning when touching the ball, however it remains pliable and soft enough to give the shoe a natural feet. While usually it’s really hard to find a high quality pair of leather soccer shoes for indoor use, it seems that Nike has got this right with their new Nike Lunar Gato II.


As previously mentioned, if you plan on using these on concrete, then the outsole is going to wear sooner, but if you use them on smooth surfaces and indoor courts, you won’t have to worry about this. You’ll notice that the color of the leather is going to people away, but again: it won’t affect the performance of the shoes whatsoever. It’s just a cosmetic thing and most of us can easily live with that.

Nike HyperVenom Phelon IC Review

phelon ic futsalThe Hypervenom Phelon IC is a soccer shoe that is designed to offer unmatched agility when you are playing indoors. It is considered one of the most advanced indoor shoe models from Nike. The cleats provide a very close fit and this makes it very comfortable. It is a good choice for attacking soccer players. Its lace area is shortened, making the strike zone bigger to give you an enhanced feel.


It features a thin upper made of soft synthetic leather. This upper gives players a comfortable fit and superior ball feel. The shoe is contoured to match a player’s foot.
Its outsole is decoupled and this helps to boost agility because it activates the metatarsal. The lace area is shorter compared to most indoor soccer shoes and this increases the size of its strike zone and vamp. Its outsole is specifically designed for use on indoor surfaces. It is made of non-marking gum rubber and its traction features will not damage the playing surface. This is a lightweight outsole that comes with a split toe. The outsole has a traction pattern that helps to improve indoor responsiveness.


The cleats wrap perfectly around a player’s foot. This tight grip makes it easy for a player to grip the playing surface faster and this allows them to make quick turns and fast moves. It has a honeycomb pattern that is textured on the forefoot and this helps to boost ball control.
The short lace area and the glove-like fit offered by this shoe make it easy for players to pass balls accurately.
The insole features the innovative X1.1 that is designed to enhance agility.
It’s synthetic upper has some inverted dimples that are scattered on the material. This creates a vacuum effect that allows players to take balls down and control them more precisely. The short lace area, inverted dimpled and contoured last offer enhanced ball control. These features make it easier to control the ball at high speeds.

The tight fit and its shortened lacing system helps to increase the striking area and this makes shooting both powerful and accurate. The shoe is optimized for attacking. When it comes to speed, this shoe is impressive. It is very lightweight weighing only 217 g. Traction is enhanced and this means that players do not have to worry about slipping on the indoor surfaces with this shoe.


indoor soccer phelon icThis is a comfortable shoe especially with its soft upper. The thin material on the upper makes it easy for feet to mould with the shoe. The fact that it mirrors your foot shape also suggests the high level of comfort it provides. The shortened lacing system also enhances comfort.

It features a contoured sockliner that offers additional support and cushioning. The sockliner is included to amplify a player’s foot shape and offer low-profile padding. This sockliner will protect your feet from injuries because it comes with some shock absorbing properties.


This indoor soccer shoe can last for many years if you take good care of it. It is specifically designed for indoor surfaces and you will notice that it wears out faster if you use it on outdoor surfaces. To keep this shoe in good condition, it is advisable to use a damp cloth or quality brush to remove surface dirt. The shoe comes with a 6 months warranty against manufacturing defect.

The Hypervenom Phelon IC is a great choice for skilled soccer attackers and strikers who are looking for a shoe that enhances agility. It comes with an impressive design that applies innovative technology to offer great performance. The use of a thin synthetic upper that is made of soft leather is a great feature for those who are looking for a comfortable fit. Its outsole also provides adequate traction and this makes it easy for players to move around an indoor soccer field. This shoe is different colorways and this allows players to suit something that suits their personal preferences. If you are in search of an indoor soccer boot that will offer value for money, this is a good choice. It scores well on performance, comfort, design, and durability.

Nike Elastico Superfly IC Review

superfly ic futsal shoesThe new Nike Elastico Superfly IC looks amazing and they can certainly help you play better especially if your next game is going to be played on turf. Design wise, these shoes are not only amazing to look at, but if you look closely at the bottom you’ll find that Nike has used the low profile outsole which significantly improves agility and grip. On top, you’ll find the Dynamic Fit Collar which is designed for locking down your foot so that you can better control your moves while running.


The Elastico Superfly is a pretty low profile shoe with improved speed and traction that allow you to better manipulate the ball. The superior traction in this model was made possible due to the new rubber compound Nike used for the outsole. On top of that, it seems they also updated the traction pattern. However, what you’ll really love is the addition of the new dynamic collar that completely changes the way the shoes feel when worn. In fact, they make you move more fluently and faster, but they also help a lot when striking the ball.


superfly ic indoor soccer shoesThe Nike Superfly are as comfortable as it can get and when you’re first going to put them on, you’ll feel the lockdown effect immediately since they securely wrap around your feet.

This effect is then enhanced when you’ll tie the laces, making them really comfortable no matter how many hours you’re going to spend on the football field. And since they weigh only 8.4 ounces, you’re going to forget that you have them on.


In terms of durability, the Superfly feature a durable rubber outsole and come with an extra a layer of Nikeskin. Since there is no plastic anywhere, they are going to withstand a lot of wear and tear no matter how aggressive you want to play.

Nike Elastico Finale III Review

indoor soccer shoes elastico finale 3Flashy and tacky, they are basically Elastico Finale III is one of the brightest pairs of shoes Nike has ever produced and it’s certainly going to make everyone stare at your feet. The leopard print style immediately attracts attention and gives the shoes a sense of agility, while adding to their overall interesting look. Also, there’s no Nike skin on these bad boys so you’ll find that cleaning them is going to be much easier. Lastly, in terms of color choices, these shoes feature a 2 color split design with black, bright laser orange and black laces.


Traction is a major concern for Nike and that is why for the Elastico Finale III they went for a different pattern compared to their previous versions. Therefore, the outsole features small extrusions that are even on the entire surface of the outsole. They are also connected between them by a small and thing extruded line of rubber. Overall, you’ll find the traction to perform very well and you’ll rarely find yourself losing control of the ball at high speeds.


futsal elastico finale 3The construction of the Elastico Finale III is something new and it’s never been done before, but they sure do feel good when you put them on.

In fact, if you hold them in your hand you’ll notice just how thin they are and how flexible the entire sole really is. And if you look through the front half of the shoes, you’ll notice there is basically no midsole and the only padding you’re going to get is that provided by the insole. As a result, these shoes are going to feel barefoot allow you to feel very comfortable while wearing them.


These shoes are designed for both turf and indoor use, so you can easily use them both on the inside and outside. For instance, indoors you won’t have any issues with them and the rubber sole is going to hold up pretty well. However, you’ll find that in time some of the paint on the swoosh is going to people away, but this won’t affect the longevity or durability of the shoes. However, when used for street soccer, these will wear and tear faster, so keep that in mind.

Nike Elastico Finale II Review

The Nike Elastico Finale II is a lightweight, low profile indoor sport shoe. This shoe is designed to make it easy to soccer and futsal players to keep the ball and remain in control particularly on linoleum and wooden surface.

elasticofinale2This is a bright colored shoe that is ideal for players who want to stand out while they are on the field. It has been designed to form to a player’s foot to give a better fit. The cleats come with the innovative Nike Skin on the upper, making it more durable, lighter, and thinner.

It has a 3 dimensional textured surface that gives this shoes a better ball feel. The shoe is soft and flexible because it does not contain any TPU components. It also comes with an internal support band that is included to lockdown the mid foot. It has a full rubber outsole that is articulated and this gives the shoe better agility. This outsole also helps to activate the initial metatarsal.


The shoes have a distinct traction pattern. The traction pattern is divided into two in the forefoot. The medial part has a dimpled pattern while the side has a standard herringbone pattern. The heel area has the same patterns but they are switched. One of unique aspects of this traction pattern is that the herringbone pattern is made of soft translucent rubber and the dimpled part has a firm, solid rubber. Nike uses this split traction to provide additional grip on the ball when a player uses the dimpled part. The herringbone pattern offers most of the grip. The general traction performance is impressive. Some players may find the rubber a little stiff the first time, but this will reduce after a while.

This shoe features the Nike Skin synthetic material on the upper. It is an innovative synthetic that provides a great touch. This synthetic is quite thin and has a dimpled pattern because of a mesh layer that is found under the membrane. The upper also offers slight grip on the ball because of its distinct wax finish texture. This upper is slightly padded to give you a more natural touch. Players will almost feel like they are barefoot, because the upper is designed to work like a second skin.

elasticofinaleThese cleats makes shooting a ball enjoyable. Its low-profile allows you to easily get under a ball when playing, which is essential for shooting. It also makes it easy to flick and pass the ball in tight situations. The slight grip offered by the upper provides solid contact when you are striking the ball.

Its simple design gives players a wonderful feel when they execute any kind of skill on the field.


The sole is extremely flexible and thin, making it very comfortable. There is no midsole, but you still get padding from an insole. This is because Nike wanted to create a shoe with a barefoot feel. The minimal padding may not be suitable for every player but if you are looking for something really minimalist, this is a good choice.

There is a thin midsole made of foam in the mid foot. This offers adequate cushioning to ensure you remain comfortable when you are moving on indoor playing surfaces. The upper is made of Nike Skin synthetic, a material that blends PU layers and mesh. This blend creates a very thin and flexible upper that gives a comfortable fit. It is also breathable, keeping a player’s feet dry as they run around a field. There is a slightly padded heel liner made of mesh. This liner offers a secure fit and is very soft.


The Elastico Finale II from Nike are designed as an indoor soccer or futsal shoe. It is to be used on indoor surfaces. If used on the right surfaces they are highly durable. The rubber sole will last for a long time. There are very few foam and plastic components on this shoe and this prevents it from wearing out fast.

Players who choose to use this shoe outdoors will find it wears out faster because it is exposed to abrasive surfaces.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Cleats?

There is no right or wrong answers, only right or wrong assumptions. The fundamental choice boils down to usage and price.

  • Where will you be using this pair of shoes?
  • Identify first if you are a serious football athlete, a consumer looking for a pair you can use every day or just a fan trying to look like your favorite player.

It’s all about fashion and performance

Soccer shoes have been relatively made the same with certain variations on the materials used. It’s like ice cream with different toppings on top. The more ingredients placed, the more expensive it becomes. Always remember that quality comes with a price. If you are willing to take on the investment, then go for it.

Also remember that brands have cost

In fact, it is even more expensive than the product itself. But once it has scale, you have to look at it on a different perspective. The more products are out in the market, the lower the price will be. This is not an indicator that they have downgraded their shoes. Rather, it is a simple case of supply and demand. You even have to speculate that if they have superior distribution, then this might mean that they are able to build scale on their raw materials making their expensive but high quality lines really affordable.

Don’t believe everything you read

The mainstream market is filled with options that are usually clouded by rave reviews and fancy athlete endorsements. You need to look beyond it and see how various features were put together, making sure it fits your requirement. Try to understand that if the features built in to the shoe will benefit you in anyway. Do not fall into the trap of choosing because I heard from a friend or from his friend or from his friend’s wife that they were good.

Look at it this way, your feet are different from mine, all I can do is show you the options and you have to take it from there. You do not have to take my word for it, simply review the data and see for yourself.


Soccer shoes come in 2 basic materials: synthetic and leather. The pair you buy will largely depend on your experience level and your level seriousness on the game.

The Proper Fit

When purchasing any shoe, you want to ensure you get the proper fit. Getting a shoe that fits properly helps support your feet and prevent them from moving around in the shoe. You do not want any room for your foot to move around in the shoe. The less your feet move, the more secure your ankles will be which will result in less of a chance of getting injured.


The shoe you purchase should be sufficiently flexible for you to move around comfortably while keeping your foot secure with some cushion around the sole of your foot. The cushion should be evenly distributed at the bottom. Attempt to stay away from soccer shoes that have more cushion on the ball of your feet this will cause your feet to be on an incline which will cause you to propel forward instead of being on an even surface.

Durability and Value

Your soccer shoes should be strong and durable especially if they are going to be tossed around your bag or stored in your closet. When looking for a price range, it will depend on the material of the shoe. However, the price should be right for the quality you are receiving.


With any shoe, you want to have a decent amount of support especially when you will be spending long hours on your feet. The comfort level should be a average level support as you do not want a full cushion system when it comes to your soccer shoes. That will create an imbalance in them.


After laying everything on the table, my choice boils down to a good mix of quality, style and price.

I want the taste of champagne for the price of a beer. I want a pair of shoes that I can use beyond football and a product that has exceptional reputation which will have an impact on quality. Shoes usually lose their value over time but I prefer a pair that I can stretch my investment on.

I prefer a classic. Adidas Samba Classic Soccer Shoe is my choice.

Amongst the futsal shoes we have reviewed, it is the best buy given its rich heritage of quality and elegance. Whether you are a student or a professional, this pair is perfectly made for you. The price of this shoe is true value for money.