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Futsal is a variation on classic soccer, also known as football, which focuses on smaller teams playing indoors with a denser, heavier ball. If you are looking to get into futsal a good place to start is with buying a specially designed futsal ball. This article will go over fustal balls, both the best brands on the market and how futsal balls are made.

Best brands of Futsal balls?


senda futsal ball

The most popular brand of futsal ball is Senda, whose models are almost always featured at the top of futsal ball rankings and recommendation lists. They are regarded as making high quality, professional grade equipment that is both long lasting and easy to maintain.


Franklin Futsal Ball

The next most popular brand of futsal ball on the market is Franklin, known for their durability and low rebound. This makes Franklin brand balls both easy to handle on the field and tough enough to take some rough treatment without breaking or bouncing around too much.


baden futsal ball

Baden brand futsal balls are regarded as the best balls for beginners due to their low bounciness, physical softness, and durability. This makes Baden futsal balls easy to handle on the field and perfect for new players looking to master futsal ball.


Mikasa futsal ball

The next brand on the list, Mikasa, focuses on making easy to use and long-living equipment for futsal ball players. Mikasa brand balls used synthetic leather for a softer, safer casing and butyl rubber for a sturdier bladder less prone to air leaks, creating an all-around solid product.


Nike futsal ball

No list of sports equipment would be complete without the Nike brand somewhere in the ranking. Nike futsal balls are designed for control with a larger size, heavier weight, and a tuned bladder for less bounce on the field.


Select futsal ball

Select brand futsal balls are all about durability and being able to take the harshest kicks in the field. Balls are designed with high-grade materials for sturdiness and backed with foam for extra cushioning against kicks as well as extra control.

GFustal TotalSala

Gfutsal TotalSala Futsal Ball

Lastly, GFustalTotalSala brand balls are an all-around solid choice for beginning players, having good durability, quality bounce control, and overall design without excelling in any one category.

Casing materials

The outsides of futbals are commonly made of nylon, plastic, rubber, synthetic leather, or in some cases real leather. Generally speaking artificial materials such as nylon and plastic are more durable and responsive than organic materials like real leather.

Futsal ball materials

Futsal balls are made largely of the same materials as soccer balls, although with a few additional features thrown in. They have the same basic casing and bladder structure as soccer balls but futsal balls have additional padding between their layers and inside the bladder. Futsal balls often have foam or padded cores with extra padding between the casing and the bladder for extra weight and control. What the casings and bladders themselves are made of will be listed below.

Bladder materials

There are two main bladder materials for futsal balls, butyl and latex. Butyl holds air longer than latex but is harder to maneuver and kick around on the field. Latex has the exact opposite problem, needing to be pumped up more often but being easier to play with. Keep these bladder materials in mind when picking a futsal ball.