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Who Am I?

dan jonesMy name is Dan Jones, a 40 year-old guy from New York, a mediocre footballer and creator of the Futsal Player blog.

Back in 2000, after graduating from college, I decided it was high time to kick my unhealthy habits and I took up playing Futsal football on a regular and semi-serious basis. However, more recently as I have got older, I have realised that I was lacking in both fitness and ability and so recently I have begun to research what it would take to become a more skilful, fit and rounded footballer.

Why Futsal Player?

This site is dedicated to helping other amateur footballers improve their own fitness and abilities. Most of us do not have the time or resources to train like the professionals, so my aim is to take all of that research and advice and provide this to you in short articles, with actionable tips that you can easily incorporate into your own play.

I am always looking for your feedback on what has worked for you, what mistakes you have made and what you would like to see more of in future. So I urge you to get in touch with me via the comments section of the posts and my contacts page.

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